JALAP Productive Industrial Company initiated its activity under the title of “KHADEMI Machine Building” in the area of manufacturing and producing the injection molding machines. Two mottos “Customer- oriented” and “quality” have been enumerated our winning goal at the beginning of this work. After 9 years of presence in the manufacturing and producing industry of the injection molding machines regarding to having skilled human forces, the company decided to start its activity in the field of producing plastic and injection molded parts while considering the founded pillars at the beginning of work. Now after over 30 years of activity, JALAP family is the best- known producers in this field.
Along with the development of market product and strategic perspective, JALAP took actions to produce disposable food and dairy containers in 1991. Attention to the development and variety of market pack of food and dairy products and considering an acceptable quality level are the strategic goals of the organization in this field.
This company is the first company succeeded to obtain the Manufacturing License from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in Esfahan Province with regard to the community’s needs and for the purpose of promoting the health level of consumer goods in the field of foam containers and disposable packaging (confectionery, food, dairy & …).
JALAP has taken into account the observance of professional principles in business and considering all professional pillars of production and competition as a guide light for achieving the high organizational goals and it will take in future too.

Producer of All kinds of Disposable Products

Confectionery Products

Includes different kinds of dowels and stands , Cake boards , Trays and Dish caps all in white and crystal designs.

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Disposable Products

Includes Dishes , Trays , Capped Boxes , Spoons , Forks , Knives and Restaurant Packages.

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Hygienic Products

Plastic disposable glove made by modern technology of floating and 100% Poly ethylene materials.Suitable for all kinds application (medical, Laboratory, Cooking, housekeeping, gardening, etc.)

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Jalap Products Summary
No. 184 , No 14 , Substation No. 1 , Jay Industrial Zone , Isfahan